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i cant solve this

i want the asnwer

<!doctype html>
    <title>List Example</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

    <a  href class="social-links">Follow me on Twitter!</a>
    <a  href class="social-links">Send me an Email!</a>

class .social-links{

 padding  : 15px;
 margin : 10px;


1 Answer

Podrig Leoghain
Podrig Leoghain
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You don't need to write 'class' before .social-links in your CSS.

CSS knows that . and # before something means class or id (respectively).

  padding  : 15px;
  margin : 10px;

I hope this helps!

p.s. Also you might find benefit from giving 2 spaces on indented code for readability later.