iOS Swift Basics Swift Operators Working With Operators: Part 2

Abdullah Tharwat
Abdullah Tharwat
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i can't solve this quiz , i need a push to keep me going

show me how to solve this quiz please .

// Enter your code below

var initialScore = 8
 initialScore += 1

let isWinner 

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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But you can assign the result of a comparison, for example:

let isGoodDeal = price < 5

So the other thing to consider is the kind of comparison you want to make for the challenge is to test if things are not equal. There's an example of the operator for this in the preceding video on Unary Operators.

Think maybe an Obama might be more helpful here than a Bush....

Check out the Steven's answer and link to the preceding video Unary Operators , in order to learn the correct operator for not equal.