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I could not understand because I do not speak English.

In this task we're going to write a simple function that takes two numbers and returns the remainder of dividing one number by the other.

Step 1: Declare a function named getRemainder that takes two parameters, aand b, both of type Int, and returns the value, also of type Int, obtained by carrying out the operation a modulo b. In case you've forgotten, the modulo operator is also called the remainder operator.

Step 2: The local names of the parameters are convenient but they make it hard to figure out the meaning of the function when we call it. Add two external names - value, for the first parameter and divisor for the second.

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Luis avila
Luis avila
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They want to external names to be 'value' and 'divisor' and the internal names to be 'a' and 'b'. You have it the other way around.


func getRemainder(value a: Int, divisor b: Int) -> Int { return a % b }.

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