CSS CSS Basics (2014) Basic Selectors Reusing Classes

May Stanley
May Stanley
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I didn't get any border on my preview.

I followed along Guil with t-border class, but why with my preview no border show up? <div class="primary-content t-border"> <div class="secondary-content t-border"> <footer id="main-footer" class="t-border">

and in style.css

.t-border { border-top: 2x solid lightgrey;

3 Answers

Glenré Charl Labuschagné
Glenré Charl Labuschagné
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Hi May,

You are almost there—watch out for typos: especially in units of measurements which are quick to be mistyped.

Good luck

I've been known to do that too and it can get frustrating. When this happens and I can see that there are no changes to my live view I go right back to the source code and CSS file to see where I went wrong.

Stay vigilant and go slow and then speed will increase later. I find that I'm rushing myself when I'm coding.