HTML Introduction to HTML and CSS Getting Familiar with HTML and CSS Test: Changing the Look of a Web Page

i do not understand anything

<!doctype html> welcome to my web page

<html> welcome to my web page
    <link href="styles.css" rel="stylesheet">

    <p>Welcome to My Web Page!</p>

h1 {
  color: blue;

2 Answers

Hello! You should consider rewatching html baisics video`s

Jamie Reardon
Jamie Reardon
Treehouse Project Reviewer

You have no h1 element that will be styled in your html document. You have a paragraph element which is represented by the p tags. Change the p tags to h1 tags so that the element becomes a h1 element and can inherit the styles in the css file.

As Roberts said, you should rewatch h the html and css introduction and basic courses to get an understanding.