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Josh O.
Josh O.
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I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I have added 5 to integerOne even printed the result (echo).

I Added 5 to $integerOne and subtracted 1 from $integerTwo. I even displayed the correct answer by using echo. Then I started over and just added and subtracted the appropriate numbers. still it returned an warning "Bummer: you haven't changed $integerOne.

Here was my original code: $integerOne =1; $integerTwo = 2; $floatOne = 1.5; $answerOne = $integerOne + 5; $answerTwo = $integerTwo -1; echo $answerOne; echo " and " echo $answerTwo;


//Place your code below this comment
$integerOne = 1;
$integerTwo = 2;
$floatOne = 1.5;
$integerOne + 5;
$integerTwo - 1;

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Hi Josh,

Since you are adding a value to a variable that has been initialized, you will need to specify the variable name when you add or subtract a number. It looks kind of confusing when you're first starting off. You can do something like this:

variable1 = variable1 + 5;

Or this is also correct:

variable1 += 5;


Josh O.
Josh O.
941 Points

Thank you very much!!!