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Shreemangal Sethi
Shreemangal Sethi
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I don't get the example.txt file when i hit refresh.

After running the file, putting the details and hitting enter i do get the example.txt file but it says no file to preview as i open it. Can someone tell me why is that. Thanks

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Jeff Muday
Jeff Muday
Treehouse Moderator 24,835 Points

I am assuming you are working in Treehouse workspaces.

Normally, clicking on the file you created-- in the video "example.txt" would display it in the workspaces editor. The workspaces environment is highly dependent on the JavaScript settings in your browser, so make sure you don't have any extraneous ad-blockers or coupon browser extensions. And it is a good idea to totally restart the browser if you are in a position to do so.

If this approach doesn't work, you can "manually" display the example.txt file by using the command

$ cat example.txt


$ less example.txt

or if you want to edit it, using the old-school text editor "nano"

$ nano example.txt