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i dont know what i do wrong by test challenge

My tasks: Challenge Task 3 of 3 1) Use the $fullName variable 2) Display the following string to the screen. Rasmus Lerdorf was the original creator of PHP. 3) Use an escape character to add a newline to the end of the string.

I think that i do right, but test tell me that bumper: i do not see a period... whats mean this mistake? i run my script to my computer and script work fine and do well <?php //Place your code below this comment $firstName = 'Rasmus'; $lastName = 'Lerdorf'; $fullName = $firstName.' '.$lastName; echo "$fullName was original creator of PHP\n"; ?>

if i add only for test new echo whith some text after echo "$fullName ... yours worksplaces print text not from new string, how it possible?

//Place your code below this comment
$firstName = 'Rasmus';
$lastName = 'Lerdorf';
$fullName = $firstName.' '.$lastName;
echo "$fullName was the original creator of PHP\n";

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There is supposed to be a period after PHP in your echo statement.