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I don't know what is wrong with my code, but I keep getting errors.

import os

shopping_list = []

def clear_screen(): os.system('cls' if == 'nt' else 'clear')

def show_help(): clear_screen() print("What should we pick up at the store?") print(""" Enter 'DONE' to stop adding items. Enter 'HELP' for this help. Enter 'SHOW' to see your current list. Enter 'REMOVE' to delete an item from your list. """)

def add_to_list(item): show_list() if len(shopping_list): position = input('Where should I add {}?\n' "Press Enter to add to the list\n" "> ".format(item)) else: position = 0

    position = abs(int(position))
except ValueError:
    position = None
if position is not None:
    shopping_list.insert(position-1, item)


def show_list(): clear_screen() print("Here's your list:", show_list) index = 1 for item in shopping_list: print:('{}. {}'.format(index, item)) index += 1


def remove_from_list(): show_list() what_to_remove = input("What would you like to remove?\n> ") try: shopping_list.remove(what_to_remove) except ValueError: pass show_list()

show_help() while True: new_item = input("> ") if new_item.upper() == 'DONE' or new_item.upper() == 'Quit': break elif new_item.upper() == 'HELP': show_help() continue

elif new_item.upper() == 'SHOW': show_list() continue elif new_item.upper() == 'REMOVE': remove_from_list() else: add_to_list(new_item)


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 76, in <module>
File "", line 22, in add_to_list
File "", line 43, in show_list
print("Here's your list:", show_list)
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'print' referenced before assignment

2 Answers

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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It's very difficult to read pasted code without Markdown formatting, but one thing that stands out is this line:

     print:('{}. {}'.format(index, item))

The colon on that line (right after "print") is not proper syntax.

HaHaHa!!! Wow, should've just read the code;)