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Samuel Zink
Samuel Zink
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I don't know what to fix the only error I get is try again

Just kinda unsure what I'm missing, any input helps
def first_function(arg1):
    return 'arg1 is {}'.format(arg1)

def second_function(arg1):
    return f'arg1 is {}'.format(arg1)

class MyClass:
    args = [1, 2, 3]

def class_func(self):
    return self.args

2 Answers

Hi Samuel,

Under second_function(arg1), your return string: "f'arg1 is {}'.format(arg1)" is using two different string formats. You can either use an f-string: return f'arg1 is {arg1}' or the string format function: return 'arg1 is {}'.format(arg1). Hope this helps!

Megan Amendola
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Megan Amendola
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This method:

def class_func(self):
    return self.args

Is a method of class MyClass. It should be properly indented inside of the class.