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Ruby Build a Todo List Application with Rails 4 Build a Todo List Application with Rails 4 Viewing Todo Items: Part 2

Brian Patterson
Brian Patterson
19,588 Points

I don't know why I am getting a failure?

Have inputted the code and I am getting this error.


  1) Viewing todo items displays the title of the todo list
     Failure/Error: visit "/todo_list"
       No route matches [GET] "/todo_list"
     # ./spec/features/todo_items/index_spec.rb:7:in `visit_todo_list'
     # ./spec/features/todo_items/index_spec.rb:18:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

  2) Viewing todo items displays no items when a todo list is empty
     Failure/Error: visit "/todo_list"
       No route matches [GET] "/todo_list"
     # ./spec/features/todo_items/index_spec.rb:7:in `visit_todo_list'
     # ./spec/features/todo_items/index_spec.rb:25:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

Here is my code

require 'spec_helper'

describe "Viewing todo items" do
  let!(:todo_list) { TodoList.create(title: "Grocery list", description: "Groceries") }

  def visit_todo_list(list)
    visit "/todo_lists"
    within "#todo_list_#{list.id}" do
      click_link "List Items"

  it "displays the title of the todo list" do
    within("h1") do
      expect(page).to have_content(todo_list.title)

  it "displays no items when a todo list is empty" do
    expect(page.all("ul.todo_items li").size).to eq(0)

  it "displays item content when a todo list has items" do
    todo_list.todo_items.create(content: "Milk")
    todo_list.todo_items.create(content: "Eggs")


    expect(page.all("ul.todo_items li").size).to eq(2)

    within "ul.todo_items" do
      expect(page).to have_content("Milk")
      expect(page).to have_content("Eggs")

1 Answer

Run rake routes in the terminal - do you have a route called '/todo_list'?

Post up your routes.rb file, too. And link to your Github repo, if you have one.

Brian Patterson
Brian Patterson
19,588 Points

Here is my bin/rake routes

treehouse:~/projects/odot (master) $ bin/rake routes
                  Prefix Verb   URI Pattern                                             Controller#Action
    todo_list_todo_items GET    /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items(.:format)          todo_items#index
                         POST   /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items(.:format)          todo_items#create
 new_todo_list_todo_item GET    /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items/new(.:format)      todo_items#new
edit_todo_list_todo_item GET    /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items/:id/edit(.:format) todo_items#edit
     todo_list_todo_item GET    /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items/:id(.:format)      todo_items#show
                         PATCH  /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items/:id(.:format)      todo_items#update
                         PUT    /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items/:id(.:format)      todo_items#update
                         DELETE /todo_lists/:todo_list_id/todo_items/:id(.:format)      todo_items#destroy
              todo_lists GET    /todo_lists(.:format)                                   todo_lists#index
                         POST   /todo_lists(.:format)                                   todo_lists#create
           new_todo_list GET    /todo_lists/new(.:format)                               todo_lists#new
          edit_todo_list GET    /todo_lists/:id/edit(.:format)                          todo_lists#edit
               todo_list GET    /todo_lists/:id(.:format)                               todo_lists#show
                         PATCH  /todo_lists/:id(.:format)                               todo_lists#update
                         PUT    /todo_lists/:id(.:format)                               todo_lists#update
                         DELETE /todo_lists/:id(.:format)                               todo_lists#destroy
                    root GET    /                                                       todo_lists#index
treehouse:~/projects/odot (master *) $ 

And here is my routes.rb file.

Odot::Application.routes.draw do
  resources :todo_lists do
    resources :todo_items
  root 'todo_lists#index'

Don't know how to link to my Github Repo. I have looked in my Github and I don't see the project.