Python Introducing Lists Using Lists Mutability

i don't really understand the whole concept of mutability and how we apply it

its about mutability

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Oszkár Fehér
Oszkár Fehér
Treehouse Project Reviewer

Hi, Cameth Tanashe. In Python everything is an Object, every variable holds an object instance. When an object is initiated, it's assigned an object id which is unique. The type is defined when it runs and once set can never change, however, its state can be changed if it is mutable, a mutable object can be changed after it is created, and an immutable object can’t, objects which can change state, mutable( list, dict, set) and objects which can't change state, they are immutable ( int, float, tuple). If you still feel fuzzy about this concept check out these websites: Python documentation [] Or [] a deeper explanation about mutable and immutable. I hope this will help you out. Happy coding.