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I don't think any of these choices work as 'correct'.

The video suggested prepping with each of these options..

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From the transcripts three of the answers are word for word.

5:45 Try and recall as many recent situations as you can that show favorable behaviors or actions.

5:58 Write down a short description of the story, including bulleted details on the facts you want to highlight.

6:11 Try and use different examples from all areas of your life.

The only one that doesn't fit is matching as many questions possible to one example so it's easy to remember. Here is what was said:

6:15 Look over different questions, and get an idea of how to match up questions to examples in situations. This way, when you're asked a question in an interview, you'll have lots of examples off the top of your head.

(Thanks for commenting) I eventually did choose that to finish the quiz, but it’s worth noting that later the man in the video did suggest basically what the “match as many questions as possible” choice describes, only not word for word. My point for posting is that the question seems like one that exists more to simply have a multiple choice question based upon memorizing exact verbiage rather than making sure we grasped a helpful concept for interviewing prep.