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david Ramirez
david Ramirez
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i dont understand the question

array string with a value string , a number value, and a boolean

var data = [1 ,2 ,3]
var asssorted [ i , 4 , 0 < i];
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Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill
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var data = [1, 2, 3,]
var assorted = ["one", 2, true]

You may be having trouble with the syntax for JavaScript datatypes Lets take a closer look at your answer:

var assorted = [ i, 4, 0 < i ] 

You're on the right track but lets break it down further to what you thought were valid values.

The question is asking for an array with a String, Number, Boolean values respectively

String: you put i for string was incorrect because i is interpreted as a variable by JavaScript but "i" with quotes makes it a string. Usually beginners have trouble with this. But you were on the right track.

Number: 4 was correct datatype. Nice!

Boolean: 0 < i there are two right answers to this true or false these are reserved keywords in JavaScript and have a special meaning, the answer you gave is a Boolean Expression

I thought this was a cool way how you answer with a Boolean Expression and I tested it and it actually passes in the interpreter but what actually gets stored is the Boolean value it equates to, either true or false not the Expression.