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Chantal St Louis
Chantal St Louis
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I don't understand the question. What is the correct answer please? Perhaps the answer will help me understand

The contents of the player variable is 'Jasmine' correct? So I thought to print the contents of the player variable using document.write(); would be - document.write("jasmine"); I have printed the contents 'Jasmine'. My answer is incorrect but I don't understand why.

var player = 'Jasmine';
document.write("player = Jasmine");
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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
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You want to create a variable with a string, which as you've correctly defined is a string of characters in quotes.

What that does is keep the value as an assigned value to that variable. Including the quotes. JavaScript now recognises player as a string variable.

So to display the value on the document you simply need to pass player to document.write() but not in a string in itself. And you don't need to assign any more values.

So you simply do

Chantal St Louis
Chantal St Louis
3,720 Points

Ok thank you Jonathan, your explanation helped a lot. I now understand. Thanks again