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I don't understand the task 2.2 where I need to work with booleans.

$a == $isIndentical;


$a = 5;
//Place your code below this comment
$isBoolean = true;
$isIdentical = "5";
$a == $isIdentical;

1 Answer

The question is asking you to check if $a is identical to the string "5" and store the result of this test in $isIdentical

To check if two things are identical (rather than just the same value), we use the === operator.

So $a === "5" would check if $a is identical (same type AND same value) to "5", as it is not the same type, it would be false. Now you need to store this in the $isIdentical variable:

$isIdentical = ($a === "5");

You probably don't need the brackets around the test but I like to add them to make it clear what is happening.