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Haasini Beeravolu
Haasini Beeravolu
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I don't understand this. What am I missing in this code?

I am not sure what I need to add. I have been trying for a while.
def hello_student(Hello):

    return hello_student

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Jassim Al-Hatem
Jassim Al-Hatem
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You need to return the string 'Hello' followed by the parameter. What you're doing is returning the function's name...., here's an example:

def example(eg):
    return 'Hello ' + eg
Megan Amendola
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Megan Amendola
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Hi! Let me walk through the challenge:

  • Write a function called hello_student. - You did this correctly, nice work!
  • This function should receive one argument, name. - Your function is receiving one argument right now called Hello instead of name
  • This function should return one value, the string 'Hello ' followed by the value of the name parameter. - Your function is returning itself because you are returning hello_student which is the name of the function. Instead, you should be returning a string with both the word 'Hello ' and the name parameter with a space between the two. Here's a video to remember string formatting.

Let me know if you still need help :)