Python Python Basics Functions and Looping Raise an Exception

I don't understand what is worng here :( the only thing that it says it's EOF in line 4
def suggest(product_idea):
    return product_idea + "inator"

product = input("hi, what is your product name?")
length = len(product)
if length < 3:
    raise ValueError("this product name is too short")
else: suggest(product)

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Hi Eylon,

This challenge is phrased in a rather confusing way. He is asking you to insert a ValueError within the function that has already been created.

Also, the length function, len(), already exists so you don't have to create a separate variable.

That said, you can simplify your code to include a conditional for the parameter "product_idea" and raise an error from there. So your code should look something like this:

def suggest(product_idea):
      if len(product_idea) < 3 :
          raise ValueError ("this product name is too short")
      return product_idea + "inator"


It works now! thanks! (and the length variable is because I've started to become frustrated and didn't understand what is wrong lol)