JavaScript JavaScript Basics Creating Reusable Code with Functions Passing an Argument to a Function

Shana Gibson
Shana Gibson
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i dont understand whats wrong?

please help i do not get what im doing wrong, how am i not storing it correctly???

function returnValue(color) {
  var echo ='You see' + color + 'when you are happy!';
  return color;

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2 Answers

The variable 'echo' should be set to the result of calling the returnValue function.

function returnValue(color) {
  return color;

var echo = returnValue('purple');

So, you would call returnValue('purple'), it would return 'purple', and the variable 'echo' would then be set to 'purple';

Shana Gibson
Shana Gibson
8,788 Points

thank you, very very thankfull!! Bout to go a little crazy, lol!