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I downloaded zip file, extracted and created new project in Visual Studio, added the files, but I'm getting errors

I downloaded the zipfile from the Top Ten Scorers video in the C# Streams and DataProcessing class. Then I extracted all files. I opened Visual Studio Community and created a new project. Then I added existing files from the extracted files I downloaded. Now I'm getting red squiggly lines under "using Newtonsoft.Json, and under the Solution name, project name, Player.cs, and Program.cs in the Solution Explorer window. The error says: "The Type or namespace name "Newtonsoft could not be found (are you missing a using directive or assembly reference?)"

I don't know what this means, or what I should do.

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Allan Clark
Allan Clark
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The project is likely missing references to NuGet packages, you should be able to find them using the NuGet package manager. However, I'd suggest a different approach.

The Project Files zip that you download from that page is a full project, complete with all the references required. I would simply go to where you extracted the files, and double click the 'SoccerStats.sln' file. This is a Visual Studio Solution file, it should open in VS with everything you need.

Hope this helps, Happy Coding!!