C# C# Streams and Data Processing Streaming Data on the Net Text Analytics API Part 2

I get a 401 error.

I think it's because the section is out of date.

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There are different URL's for different regions, and it seems the API key needs to be used with the right URL. On the screen where you get your API key it will show the URL for you to use. Replace the start of the URL used in the course to the URL you are given.

You can see the various URL's at the top of this page: https://westus.dev.cognitive.microsoft.com/docs/services/TextAnalytics.V2.0/operations/56f30ceeeda5650db055a3c9

Cameron Abell
Cameron Abell
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This worked great!

To clear up any confusion: Write everything exactly as she has it in the video. Then, replace the key with the one Azure gives you. Lastly, replace the beginning of the link used in the video with the endpoint link that Azure gives you. So, instead of "https://westus.api.cognitive.microsoft.com/text/analytics/v2.0/sentiment" write "(Your Custom Endpoint Link)/text/analytics/v2.0/sentiment"