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I have a lot of errors in my compiler :(

I tried running the while loop and go a ton of errors in the console.

This is

public class Example {

public static void main(String[] args) { // Your amazing code goes here... System.out.println("We are making a new PEZ dispenser"); System.out.printf("Fun fact, there are %d PEZ allowed in every pez dispenser.%n",PezDispenser.MAX_PEZ); PezDispenser dispenser = new PezDispenser("Yoda"); System.out.printf("The dispenser is %S %n", dispenser.getCharacterName()); // if(dispenser.isEmpty()){ // System.out.println("Dispenser is empty"); // } System.out.println("Filling the dispenser with delicious pez..."); dispenser.fill(); if(!dispenser.isEmpty()){ System.out.println("Dispenser is full"); } } while (dispenser.dispense()){ System.out.println("chomp"); } if (dispenser.isEmpty()){ System.out.println("all out of pez"); } }

this is the file

class PezDispenser{ public static int MAX_PEZ = 12; final private String characterName; private int pezCount;

// Calling Pez Dispenser again is used to create a constructor PezDispenser(String characterName){

this.characterName = characterName;
    pezCount = 0;


public void fill(){
    pezCount = MAX_PEZ;
public boolean dispense(){
    boolean wasDispensed = false;
        wasDispensed = true;
    return wasDispensed;
public boolean isEmpty(){
    return pezCount == 0;

public String getCharacterName(){ return characterName; }


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1) You have two closing brackets before while

} } while 

one of which will close main so delete one.

2) You need a closing bracket for class Example. There should be three closing brackets at the end.


1) You need to follow isEmpty with parentheses here


Thank you very much. That worked!