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I have a problem with getting the correct answer. please help. I don't know where I did wrong?

var newYork = { population: 100, latitude: '40.7127 N', longitude: '74.0059 W' newYork.population= 8.406e6 };

is this right?

var newYork = {
  population: 100, 
  latitude: '40.7127 N',
  longitude: '74.0059 W',
  newYork.population= 8.406e6
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Mike Hickman
Mike Hickman
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Hi vickicrescencio ,

You're really close, and you're thinking about assigning it the correct way, but you have one problem.

You're trying to change the value of an item in the newYork hash from inside the hash itself. Think about all of the original code as the setup:

var newYork = {
  population: 100, 
  latitude: '40.7127 N',
  longitude: '74.0059 W'

Now it's there, the data is setup and you don't have to add anything INSIDE of it to change it again. Consider that code setup and done. On a new line is where you where you can say "Hey code, I want to do something now and change that old code above me!".

You can change the population value from outside of the newYork variable setup. So, if you move your newYork.population assignment to a line below the entire newYork setup, you can change the data you want.

You were thinking about it correctly, just put it in the wrong spot :)

Cheers, Mike

I already fixed the problem. It turns out to be my brower problem. LOL. Thank you for answering my question.