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CSS How to Make a Website Beginning HTML and CSS Review: Beginning HTML and CSS

i have done this over 500 hundred times witch it feels like and got all right and it keeps making me redo it

please help

2 Answers

Jeff Lemay
Jeff Lemay
14,268 Points

Quiz worked fine for me. After completing, I was taken to the "How to Make a Website" overview page.

OK - let's try to get you through this with some help.

I'm sure the question for this challege come in a different order each time, and I don't know which question you're struggling with - so I'll just run through the questions as I get to them here.

My first one is:

Which of the following HTML elements will create a first level headline?

A first level headline is a Heading 1. That's written as an h1 in code. The code elements in HTML are surrounded with angle brackets like < and > and easch element is opened and closed. The closing brackets use a slash, /, to indicate that it is closing that element. So, a heading 1 open and close looks like:


The question wants a complete heading line with the text being 'Nick'. That would look like:


My next qiestion (they will appear in different orders) is asking what CSS property will change the text colour of the element it is applied to. The answeer to that is color - there's not much more explanation needed there!

The question I get next is asking which html element formatted correctly. It is using the same code as the first question so it is looking for an opening h1 tag:


Followed by the heading text:


And that needs closing with the slash tag:


The next question is asking what symbol or character opens and closes tags. The answer to that is the angle brackets < and >.

Now I'm asked what opens and closes CSS code elements. The answer to that is the curly braces { and }.

The next question asks what Treehouse tool allows you to enter code. That's called Workspaces.

The last question is looking at a bit of CSS code that changes the text in the h1 element to a green colour. As above, the color property is used to change the text colour and CSS code is surrounded by curly braces. CSS selects the element to be changed first, so the h1 is the first part of the code. Adding those together gives you the h1 first, then some curly braces and then the color property and the word green. Chuck in a colon after color and a semi-colon at the end of the color line and your done, apart from the closing curly brace:

h1 { 
    color: green;

Those are the questions I had to answer.

I hope this helps you through - if not, just shout and I'll help further.