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Kate Zelaya
Kate Zelaya
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I have installed jekyll and created a jekyll project and when i go to the main folder i seem to be missing some folders.

I went to the project folder i made and i am missing some folders that i see in the for examples the _includes folder. will i have to make a folder myself called that or what should i do?

Luke Pettway
Luke Pettway
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What steps did you follow to create your project? Did you use the Ruby gem to install it?

I see what Kate means. it seems in newer Jekyll projects they don't have Guil Hernandez's folders like layout and includes etc. In fact a lot of the Jekyll process seems to have changed since this video. I've love to see an updated video.

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Kevin Lawler
Kevin Lawler
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Hi Kate,

Has your problem been worked out?

I'm not taking your course yet, but does this link address the issue?


Does it help lead you to a solution?