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i have lost all of the code can someone pls give the code i nedded pls

i accidently lost all the code i don't know how to getr it back

Carlos Mota
Carlos Mota
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Are you on PC or Mac? If you're on PC then right click the folder and go to folder history tab, and hopefully, it saved it there, there are a lot of other ways to be able to recover files. That's just a simple way.

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Hi Millie Jack! Here is the code from file

from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

def index(name="Treehouse"):
    return "Hello from {}".format(name)

def add(num1, num2):
    return '{} + {} = {}'.format(num1, num2, num1+num2), port=8000, host='')

Hope this helps!

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You can simply launch a new workspace from the current video you're watching (or if you are working on a local machine, you can launch a workspace then download the files.)