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i have no idea what a src tag is

how can i get this

    <title>My trip to Spain</title>

    <img alt="A picture of me in Spain">
    Here is a picture of me in Spain last summer!
    <a>Go back to the top of the page.</a>


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Josh Ballard
Josh Ballard
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Hi Andrew,

First, your doctype should look like this: <!doctype html> or <!DOCTYPE html> .

Second, src is an attribute. Some tags in HTML need attributes, which are just extra pieces of information. You have an <img> tag, which is an image. Images need to include a path to the location of where the picture is stored. That is what the src (source) attribute is, the location of the file.

It should look like this: <img src=""> You need to put the location of the file in between the quotation marks.

This is an example of a file path:


Example.png is the actual image file.

If the image is in the same folder as the html file, it would look like this:



This is the source of the image i.e where it is located. Typically to refer to your image it will be in your image fold (img) and then the name of the image as seen below <img src="img/blblabla.jpg">