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Michael Franklin
Michael Franklin
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I have noticed an issue with the workspaces regarding console instructions, anyone know a fix?

I am using a macintosh with safari, and i have noticed that when in console if you try to use the back arrows to edit, delete or change instructions. Well the console becomes very confused. IE


treehouse:~/workspace$ clear && javac TreeStory.Jaca && java TreeStory

As you can see above i accidentally hit C instead of V in Java. If i utilize the arrow keys to go back and fix this the making it


treehouse:~/workspace$ clear && javac TreeStory.Java && java TreeStory

My output will then be this


Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Xmx128m
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx128m
error: Class names, 'TreeStory.Javca', are only accepted if annotation processing is e xplicitly requested
1 error

This issue is persistent when using arrow keys to scroll through previously entered commands as-well.

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Nelson Fleig
Nelson Fleig
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I've been dealing with this problem for so long now so I feel your pain. The only solution I have found is to close the console window by clicking on the "x" within the workspace (NOT the workspace's browser window!) and opening it again by going to "View" -> "Show console". That should restart the console and get rid of that bug while keeping the history of previously entered commands. Hope that helps.