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JavaScript JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects Tracking Multiple Items with Arrays Using For Loops with Arrays

I have the following challenge, so please help me complete it: https://w.trhou.se/eet5w1l847


I'm using the bootcamp.js. Ignore the var students at the top.

Thanks for your help!!

  1. Declare an array named bowl set equal to the following: ["jelly-bean", "m&m", "m&m", "chocolate", "m&m", "jelly-bean", "m&m", "m&m", "jelly-bean"]
  2. Next, declare three variables, jbOccur, mOccur, chocOccur. Set each equal to 0.
  3. Now, declare a function named occurrence that loops through the bowl array, and changes the value of the three variables in step 2 according to their corresponding occurrences in the bowl array. (Hint: the jbOccur variable should equal 3 after the occurrence function has run)

4 Answers

That's basically it. I did end up figuring it out, and my issue was that I was not calling the function to run.

Except for the sake of DRY:

var bowl = ["jelly-bean", "m&m", "m&m", "chocolate", "m&m", "jelly-bean", "m&m", "m&m", "jelly-bean"]

var jbOccur = 0; var mOccur = 0; var chocOccur = 0;

function occurrence() {

for( var i = 0; i < bowl.length; i += 1) {
if (bowl[i] === "jelly-bean") {jbOccur += 1;} if (bowl[i] === "m&m") {mOccur += 1;} if (bowl[i] === "chocolate") {chocOccur += 1;} }}


console.log(jbOccur); console.log(mOccur); console.log(chocOccur);

OHHHH!! Lol I'm sorry. I came up with the following after you updated more info.

My answer


var bowl =  ["jelly-bean", "m&m", "m&m", "chocolate", 
                   "m&m", "jelly-bean", "m&m", "m&m", "jelly-bean"]

var jbOccur = 0;
var mOccur = 0;
var chocOccur = 0;

Start your function and for-loop

function occurrence() {
   for ( var i = 0; i < bowl.length; i ++) {  
          // "++" and remove 1 to add +1 to the loop count

Deal with the Jellybeans first

  if (bowl[i] === "jelly-bean")  {
          /*changed your bowl.length (a count of items in the bowl array)
          TO analyze if the current item of the bowl array = the word, "jelly-bean" */

        jbOccur += 1;   //do this if bowl[i] is the same as this word ie "jelly-bean"
        console.log('jbOccur + 1 now ', jbOccur); // log it out so you see it

Iterate through m&ms, still looping

           } else if  (bowl[i] === "m&m") {  //continue the script
          //if not "jellybean", then if its m&m add one to "m&m"
          mOccur += 1;  //add to m&m count
         console.log('mOccur + 1 now ', mOccur);  //log it out

Home stretch, accounting for chocolate

        } else if  (bowl[i] === "chocolate") { 
        //if not "m&m", then if "chocolate" + one 
         chocOccur += 1; //add to chocolate count
         console.log('chocOccur + 1 now ', chocOccur);  //log it out

Run it

occurrence (); //run the function

/*/print my totals /*/
console.log(' Total:  jellybeans', jbOccur);  
console.log(' Total: m&m\'s', mOccur);
console.log(' Total: chocolate', chocOccur);

I had to go but this got me interested, I actually made the start to a game with the first round of answers I was going to give you. This is what happens when you mix candy and code :O!

Updated to improve markdown quality of my answer.

I don't have enough time atm to fully help with this one but I can tell you that your index.html file is missing the quiz.js script.

Add this to your html, based on the quick look I had, you should add it before the bootcamp.js to allow the entry field (question) to come first.

<script src="js/quiz.js"></script>

I'll check back in later if I can and someone else hasn't already answered.

I'm not using quiz.js whatsoever.

Only concerned with the bootcamp.js