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Michael Bragg
Michael Bragg
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I have tried var_dump, and echo to get the results and I'm wondering if I'm supposed to used the previous task here?

I have multiplied $integerOne by $floatOne and attempted echo, and var_dump to get the solution, but I get less/more than five if I un-comment, or re-comment the += 5 in the previous task. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


//Place your code below this comment
$integerOne = 1;
$integerTwo = 2;
$floatOne = 1.5;

var_dump ($integerOne += 5);
//var_dump ($integerTwo -= 1);

$integerOne *= $floatOne;
var_dump ($integerOne);


1 Answer


Instead of reassign the $integerOne value, just try something like

echo $a * $b;

It seems it's the expected behaviour