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I just tried to launch workspace for this section and got an error: "Sorry, a maximum of 100 workspaces are..."

"Sorry, a maximum of 100 workspace are allowed to an account." What do I do now?

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Becky Steele
Becky Steele
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Hi Cindy!

I'm sorry this has stopped your progress for the day!

I recommend going to Workspaces, and reviewing your list of Workspaces. For any course's Workspaces that you no longer need, you can delete that Workspace by selecting that option after clicking on the gear.

If you would like to save the files of a Workspace before you delete it, you can click on the Workspace itself to launch it. When your Workspace window appears, choose File --> Download Workspace, and save these files locally.

Either way, you will not be able to free up space unless you remove some Workspaces. I hope this helps!