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I keep getting error: class, interface, or enum expected }

I can't get past this error:

console.printf("They are always %s %s.\n", adverb, verb);
^ error: class, interface, or enum expected
I hope ive been very clear. Below is the exact code:


public class TreeStory {

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Console console = System.console();

  //__Name is a__ adjective__ __noun. They are always__ adverb__ __verb__.

  int age=12;
  if (age= < 13) {
    //Insert exit code
  console.printf("Sorry you most be atleast 13 to use this program.\n"); 

  String name=console.readLine("Enter you name  ");
  String adjective=console.readLine("Enter a adjective  ");
  String noun=console.readLine("Enter a noun  ");
  String adverb=console.readLine("Enter an adjective  ");
  String verb=console.readLine("Enter a verb ending in -ing ");

  console.printf("Your TreeStory:\n----------\n");
  console.printf("%s is a (n) %s %s. ", name, adjective, noun);
  console.printf("They are always %s %s.\n", adverb, verb);



I found the problem, in the "if" statement. The equal sign was in front of the greater than sign, =< When the greater than sign should have been in front of the equal sign, or the equal sign should have been removed.

correct example: if (age<13) if (age<=)

wrong examples: if (age=<) if(age>13)

I hope my mistake helps someone else.

Good job finding the problem. I hadn't realized you had solved it and I was copying parts of the code into my work space to see if I could recreate the issue that you were having.

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