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I keep getting the same error every time I do jekyll serve

How do I fix this problem?

➜ Daniel_Design_Jekyll_Practice copy jekyll serve Configuration file: /Users/DanielMerrill/Desktop/portfolio/Daniel_Design_Jekyll_Practice copy/_config.yml Source: /Users/DanielMerrill/Desktop/portfolio/Daniel_Design_Jekyll_Practice copy Destination: /Users/DanielMerrill/Desktop/portfolio/Daniel_Design_Jekyll_Practice copy/_site Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental Generating... Conversion error: Jekyll::Converters::Scss encountered an error while converting 'css/main.scss': Undefined mixin 'clearfix'. on line 8 jekyll 3.0.1 | Error: Undefined mixin 'clearfix'. on line 8

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Jonathan Grieve
Jonathan Grieve
Treehouse Moderator 85,148 Points

It looks like you may have a problem with a SCSS file preventing you from creating a local server.

Try looking into fixing the mixin and try again. :)