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Susan Rusie
Susan Rusie
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I’m not sure how to handle this..,.

I would like to pay the $99 to become an iOS Developer, but my husband’s and my Apple ID uses his e-mail address. However, I am the one who wants to learn iOS Development to pursue this as a career. Do I need to create a new Apple ID using my e-mail address to sign up?

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James Jenkins
James Jenkins
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Hi Susan,

This looks like an older post but I figured I would reach out an answer.

To learn Swift and follow along in XCode you're not required to become an Apple Developer. But if you would like to access the Apple Developer program, I would recommend getting set up with your own account.

This is due to the fact that Apple has various legal agreements that you must accept as part of becoming a registered Apple Developer.

In either case, I hope that's helped you out!