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I messed up the code for index.html, where do i find the original code or is there an option to revert back?

Was playing around with the code and made some errors, don't see anywhere the option to download original.

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Thank you both for your comments. Ended up speaking to one of the instructors who told me the below which worked:

Just go to and delete the workspace by clicking the trashcan icon. Then relaunch workspace from the lesson

Courtney Pure
Courtney Pure
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Hi Adam,

Not sure if you were working in the workspace during a lesson but usually if you just click out of the workspace and load it again it should refresh the original code. Or you can try EDIT - UNDO TYPING (command + z on a mac, control + z on windows). Hopefully, this was helpful and good luck!

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Best thing is to work in Visual Studio Code You have EMMET there, which helps you alot.