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Java Java Objects (Retired) Delivering the MVP Wrapping Up

I need finished Hangman game

Could anyone add a finished Hangman game ? so I can check and comprehend better.

2 Answers

Hey Muttalip,

You should be able to download a complete version via the download section of the course.

But here is mine:

Hangman class:

public class Hangman {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        if(args.length == 0) {
            System.out.println("Please enter a word");
        Game game = new Game(args[0]);
        Prompter prompter = new Prompter(game);

Game class:

public class Game {
    public static final int MAX_MISSES = 7;
    private String mAnswer;
    private String mHits;
    private String mMisses;

    public Game(String answer) {
        mAnswer = answer;
        mHits = "";
        mMisses = "";
    private char validateGuess(char letter) {
        if(! Character.isLetter(letter)) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("A letter is required");
        letter = Character.toLowerCase(letter);
        if(mMisses.indexOf(letter) >= 0 || mHits.indexOf(letter) >= 0) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException(letter + " has already been guessed");
        return letter;
    public boolean applyGuess(String letters) {
        if(letters.length() == 0) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("No letter found");
        return applyGuess(letters.charAt(0));
    public boolean applyGuess(char letter) {
        letter = validateGuess(letter);
        boolean isHit = mAnswer.indexOf(letter) >= 0;
        if(isHit) {
            mHits += letter;
        } else {
            mMisses += letter;
        return isHit;
    public String getCurrentProgress() {
        String progress = "";
        for(char letter : mAnswer.toCharArray()) {
            char display = '-';
            if(mHits.indexOf(letter) >= 0) {
                display = letter;
            progress += display;
        return progress;
    public int getRemainingTries() {
        return MAX_MISSES - mMisses.length();
    public String getAnswer() {
        return mAnswer;
    public boolean isSolved() {
        return getCurrentProgress().indexOf('-') == -1;

Prompter class:

import java.io.Console;

public class Prompter {
    private Game mGame;
    public Prompter(Game game) {
        mGame = game;
    public void play() {
        while(mGame.getRemainingTries() > 0 && !mGame.isSolved()) {
        if(mGame.isSolved()) {
            System.out.printf("Congratulations, you won with %d tries remaining.\n", 
        } else {
            System.out.printf("Bummer the word was %s.  :(\n",
    public boolean promptForGuess() {
        Console console = System.console();
        boolean isHit = false;
        boolean isValidGuess = false;
        while(! isValidGuess) {
            String guessAsString = console.readLine("Enter a letter:  ");
            try {
                isHit = mGame.applyGuess(guessAsString);
                isValidGuess = true;
            } catch (IllegalArgumentException iae) {
                console.printf("%s. Please try again.\n", iae.getMessage());
        return isHit;
    public void displayProgress() {
        System.out.printf("You have %d tries left to solve: %s\n",

Hope this helps.



Hi Jacob, Firstly, I'm very thankful for your help. and how can I download a complete version of courses ?

Hey Muttalip,

For some reason, I'm not seeing a download link to the project files for the Hangman game (Neither in the Creating or Delivering section).

I'm glancing through the Splitting Strings video of the Java Data Structures course at the moment. Within the downloads section, I am able to download project files, the particular video that I'm on at the moment, and a transcript. Typically this is offered for most courses on Treehouse. I'm not sure why this is not available for the Hangman game.

I'd suggest submitting a request to have this course updated with the project files available for download.

However, for the time being, the code I provided should be close to, if not spot on, of what was covered throughout the MVP sections.

Let me know how it goes.



Thank you so much again for your information and the code. it is same as in the courses. I think it will help for finding my errors.

Craig Dennis
Craig Dennis
Treehouse Teacher

You can launch a new Workspace on the video, and then choose File > Download Workspace from the editor window.

Hope that helps!