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I need help on the palindrome question.

A palindrome is a piece of text or a number that reads the same forward and backwards, like "madam" or 343. A prime number is a number that is not evenly divisible by any other number, like 13 or 3571. Some numbers like 11 and 757 are palindromes and primes: these are called "palindromic primes" or "palprimes." In this code challenge, we will work with a third-party library that helps us identify palindromic primes. First, at the top of the file, let's include the third-party library. You can find it at "class.palprimechecker.php" in the same folder as the "palprimes.php" file below.

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Hi Aaron,

You copy and pasted the description of the challenge but didn't specify where you are having issues. What's the trouble? If it is on the first step, they are asking you to include a PHP file at the top of your file, which can be done using PHP's include, like so:


echo "The number ## ";
echo "(is|is not)";
echo " a palprime.";
Pieter Bracke
Pieter Bracke
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Hi, Mike I wonder why do they ask to use include here and not require as shown in the PHPmailer example?