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Brad Sturgis
Brad Sturgis
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I need help setting up my IDE environment. Can you assist ? This course is great until I need to learn how to do this.

I have installed WebStorm. I want to be able to work just like in the workspace but in my IDE so that I can:

  1. Write code and debug it.
  2. See it running in the browser when I just it in the IDE.

So, I can code and check and code and check easily.

Please assist.

Thanks from Newbie.

2 Answers

Arthur Wells
Arthur Wells
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I'm not familiar with Webstorm, but I use Sublime Text to code locally and then view it in the browser. I had to install a package to do set up a shortcut to do this although you can simply open the file you are working on in the browser, and then hit refresh as necessary. There are also other tools online such as jsfiddle and code pen where you can code in your browser and view your results live. There are lots of code editors out there, as you'll see by googling.

Check out the WebStorm docs, specifically this page: Live Editing of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript