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I need help understanding the definition of model

model - A code object that represents a database table What does it mean "code object"? I know what an object is but everytime Kenneth used the word he was talking about the class.

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Monde Ngalonkulu
Monde Ngalonkulu
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First of all, I think you should check out the official docs from Peewee that shows how the Model corresponds to the database "things":

The docs should hold more authority in terms of what a Model is. There they have something like this:

[Thing | Corresponds to…] Model class | Database table Field instance | Column on a table Model instance | Row in a database table

Now, bearing in mind that an object is an instance of a class, I think we can safely assume that Kenneth probably meant that a model is a class that represents a database table.

If you talk about objects and classes a lot, you're bound to say one in place of the other. Like, I meant to say "classes and objects" just now (instead of "objects and classes" ) 🤦 - a joke btw

Thanks a lot! This really helped.