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Kanishka Bamian
Kanishka Bamian
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I need help with that.

Using these values, we want to compute the product and print out the product in a formatted string.

Step 1: Declare a constant named product and assign the result of multiplying firstValue and secondValue together. (To multiply two values, a and b, we write a * b).

Step 2: Using string interpolation, create a string literal that describes the operation we just performed. For example, given the following values for firstValue, secondValue and product respectively: 2, 4, 8. The string should read: "The product of 2 times 4 is 8". Assign this string to a constant named output.

// Enter your code below
let firstValue = 5
let secondValue = 10
let product = firstValue * secondValue

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Shay Paustovsky
Shay Paustovsky
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Hi There,

let description: String = "The product of multiplying \(firstValue) by \(secondValue) is \(product)"

Now let me explain: In the previous challenges you did great, you have stored a random integer inside 2 constants with the names firstValue and SecondValue and their product in a constant named product

In this challenge you are asked to create a description of the operation and a template is given to you : " The product of multiplying firstValue by secondValue is product. "

In the answer above I'm assigning the description constant of type String and i've explicitly written it but you don't have to. Then written the same as I've demonstrated a few lines ago.

Note - String Interpolation a.k.a () substitues whatever value is between the parenthesis with a string version of it

Hope this helps


Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
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Hi there, Shay Paustovsky! While your assistance is appreciated in the forums I would warn that posting "code only" answers with no explanation of the code is frowned upon. I invite you to improve upon your answer by including an explanation of how/why your code works. Also, you might visit the Markdown Cheatsheet at the bottom of the "Add an Answer" section for tips on how to format your code when answering. Thanks for helping out in the Community! :sparkles: