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Alex Forseth
Alex Forseth
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I need some advice on what back-end path I should take to reach my ultimate goal.

I have the goal of creating a e-commerce store for my company. The scope of the website would allow the user to access a login system and product checkout kart. The backend would require a large database of potentialy tens of thousands of model codes.

I am comfortable with Vanilla JS, Jquery, Ajax, HTML & CSS. Using AJAX as a product selection tool for my product database (which has thousands of product model codes) is a strong want.

What would be your recommended course route that would get me from where I am now to my goal the quickest without using an online cms? (I am unfamiliar with online cms like wordpress ect)

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Clayton Perszyk
Clayton Perszyk
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Hi Alex,

I would look into RESTful routes, which means you'll need backend code that you will use AJAX to communicate with. Since you know vanilla JS, you should look into Node.js and Express.

Here's a tutorial on RESTful routes:

Treehouse has several courses on Node and Express; just checkout the courses listed under JavaScript.