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i need some help with this


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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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Here are the steps:

  • Create a function named square. It should define a single parameter named number.
def square(number):
  • In the body of the function, return the square of the value that was passed in.
  • (A *square is the value multiplied by itself. eg: The square of 5 is 25. 25 = 5 x 5)*
    return number * number
  • Great now that you have created your new square method, let's put it to use.
  • Under the function definition, call your new function and pass it the argument 3.
  • Since your square function returns a value, create a new variable named result to store the value from the function call.
result = square(3)

Post back if you have any questions. Good luck!!

thank you. I'm happy people help(: