jiwon hwang
jiwon hwang
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i need to know about vocabulary from class section.

import random # import - i got it , but what if i dont use import, what would be happened?

class Thief: sneaky = True # im wondering, what is called 'sneaky' here? i mean, what is it called?

def pickpocket(self): #pickpocket = method that belongs to class, self is an argument
       if self.sneaky: #argument. () -> how to name 'sneaky' here? 

# Im wondering the reason self.sneaky, is because to show it is True? or is it kind a structure that i should memorize? like using instance can call class. return False def hide(self, light_level): return self.sneaky and light_level < 10

I'm literally beginner in terms of programming ever. So, questions that i ask you guys might sound stupid.

I'm really having a hard time understanding what OOP in Python.

Thanks for your helping me out in advance