Python Python Basics (2015) Python Data Types Use .split() and .join()

i really do not understand what the question is asking me to do, when it says i should break the variable 'available'

...and how do i assign the sundaes name, is it to the new variable?
available = "banana split;hot fudge;cherry;malted;black and white"
sundaes = "banana split;hot fudge;cherry;malted;black and white".split(';')
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You need to split the string using the split() function and add the result to a variable called sundaes. Here is an example:

unsplit_string = "this;is;a;string;separated;by;semicolons"
list_of_values = unsplit_string.split(';')

list_of_values would then contain ['this', 'is', 'a', 'string', 'separated', 'by', 'semicolons'].

thanks @jonlunsford but really so different from whats been taught,

and ow does the variable sundaes come into this

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I was just providing another example for you to help you grasp the concepts. The challenge is asking you to split the string contained in the variable available, and assign that to a new variable called 'sundaes'. Such as...

sundaes = available.split(';')