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I set the while loop and use document.write method but still code took too long to ran

Am not understanding this quiz it seems it asking something I am not getting ryt

var count = 0;

while (count <= 26){

Hei Abdullahi,

You will have to increment the counter variable at the end of the while loop like this:

count+=1 or count ++

I hope ask something please I hope you don't mind wat is function of that code count+=1 or count ++

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Anastasia Boychenyuk
Anastasia Boychenyuk
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Hi Abdullahi! Your code takes too long to run because you have created an infinite loop. "count" always is going to be less than 26 because nothing changes inside the loop. You need to add count +=1; or count++ (which is the same). So after first run var count = 1, after second run var count =2 and so on. Until it reaches 26. Hope this helps.

var count = 0;
while (count < 26) {