Python Python Basics (2015) Number Game App Squared

I still don't get why this isn't working

Please help I so comfused
def squared(num):
    if num == int:
    return int(num) ** 2
        return(num * num)
    except ValueError:
        return(num) * len(num)

1 Answer

Instead of using an If and Else just use Try and Except. Part of why what you have isn't working is because you're using an Except without a Try

def squared(num):
        return int(num) ** 2 # OR int(num) * int(num). Either will give the SAME answer he's just giving you a choice
        # if the above return throws a ValueError because the num can't be converted into an integer
    except ValueError:
        return(num) * len(num)
        # then this except will run instead

Try and forget about using int(num) ** 2 or num * num because both of these operations will return the same answer