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Yobani Cruz
Yobani Cruz
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i still need help downloading flask and pip to my computer then i will be able to learn this better can someone help me

i need help installing flask nd the pip to my workspace or this wont work for me can i get some help

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Mel Rumsey
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Mel Rumsey
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Hi Yobani Cruz! First off - Do you have Python 3 installed? If not you can download this here. Having python includes pip, so you do not need to install pip, it is part of the Python 3 package.

Next, you can install flask by typing pip install flask into your terminal, whether that is through your code editor or in your command prompt. I highly recommend reviewing virtual environments (for Windows / for Mac) if you haven't already so that flask is only installed in the virtual environment and not just on your computer somewhere.

Hopefully this info helps you get started :D