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I suck at math!

Maths isnt my strong point, and since i've started exploring Javascript I'd say some of the mathematical concepts have gotten the better of me. Does anyone have any handy resources that break down the math we use in programming in a little more depth than we get in the videos?

Perhaps a maths course would be a cool addition to the curriculum at some point in the future, every programmer uses some math after all..

Thanks :)

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Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina
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Good evening Gavin,

Here are some great, free videos on Math for programmers:

Maths for Programmers -

College Algebra - Full Course -

Linear Algebra -

Precalculus Course -

However, I think it's far more beneficial to narrow down which specific parts of programming are challenging. I advise making a small list of particular areas to focus on. One thing you can do is to have a set of notes and have it set up in question / answer or problem / solution format. It would look something like this:

ex. [header] Getting null in JavaScript Question: Why am I getting null in the following block of code?
[code block]

Answer: I forgot to/I was missing XYZ in my code. Here is the completed code block: [code block]

Personally, I find this very effective as it helps me keep track of things and quickly find if I've already searched for something online.

Best of luck with both Math and programming!