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I think I did the second part right but I can't do the first.

I don't know what it means by WITHOUT COMPUTING.

Heres the full question: In this task, we have two math operations. Without computing the values of those operations, we'd like to know if the first operation, someOperation is greater than, equal to or less than anotherOperation.

Use the greater than or equal to operator (written as >=) and assign the Boolean result of the comparison to a constant named isGreater

// Enter your code below
let value = 200
let divisor = 5

let someOperation = 20 + 400 % 10 / 2 - 15
let anotherOperation = 52 * 27 % 200 / 2 + 5

// Task 1 - Enter your code below
let result = value % divisor

// Task 2 - Enter your code below
let isPerfectMultiple = 0 == result

someOperation == anotherOperation
someOperation > anotherOperation
someOperation < anotherOperation

let isGreater: Bool = anotherOperation >= someOperation

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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I think you're misinterpreting the instructions. For task 2, there's not two separate parts. The first paragraph is just explanation of the objective.

"Without computing" just means that you should use the variables by name and not try to determine what the numeric value of the expressions resolves to yourself.