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Brian Vagnini
Brian Vagnini
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I think there's a bug in this exercise

I put this in for the 2nd challenge $a = 5; $isIdentical = var_dump($a==="5");

Your automatic checker says that it can't find $isIdentical however, the Workspace shows bool(false) as the result in the console Please advise...

$a = 5;
//Place your code below this comment
$isBoolean = true;
$isIdentical = var_dump($a === "5");
Brian Vagnini
Brian Vagnini
4,778 Points

I was overthinking the problem and used var_dump in it, since we had done that previously.

1 Answer

You are asked to compare the variable $a as identical (equal AND of the same type) as the string "5" and assign the results to $isIdentical. There is no mention of using var_dump. If you read the documentation for var_dump you will see there is no return value so there is nothing to assign.

The challenge just wants the straight assignment as described:

$isIdentical = $a === "5";